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Brushed Cotton Pink Stripe Duvet Cover


These sumptious Helena Springfiled Brushed Cotton Duvet Covers and Pillowcases are simply gorgeous.

Woven in Portugal, the finest quality pre-shrunk flannelette offers unsurpassed natural softness and warmth. These are super soft and great for adults and children a like. Match with Brushed Cotton sheets for a bed that you simply will not want to get out of in the morning.

The range includes single to kingsize duvet covers and standard pillowcases.

Machine Washable

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Product Name Price Qty
Helena Springfield Brushed Cotton Pink Stripe Duvet Cover Single
RRP £32.95

Our price £24.99

Helena Springfield Brushed Cotton Pink Stripe Duvet Cover Double
RRP £44.95

Our price £35.40

Helena Springfield Brushed Cotton Pink Stripe Duvet Cover King
RRP £54.95

Our price £42.25

Helena Springfield Brushed Cotton Pink Stripe Standard Pillowcase
RRP £9.25

Our price £6.80

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  •  Brushed Cotton Pink Stripe Duvet Cover
  •  Brushed Cotton Pink Stripe Duvet Cover

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  • Helena Springfield Sheets, Pillowcases and Duvet Cover Sizes

    Percale/Brushed Cotton

    Single Flat 180cm x 260cm  (70"x 102")
    Single Fitted 91cm x 191cm x 25cm  (35" x 75" x 9.84")

    Double Flat 230cm x 260cm (89.7" x 101.4")
    Double Fitted 137 x 191cm x 25cm (53.4" x 74.5" x 9.84")

    King Flat 275cm x 267cm (107.2" x 104.1")
    King Fitted 153cm x 200cm x 25cm (59.6" x 78" x 9.84")

    Super King Flat 305 cm x 260cm (118.9" x 101.4")
    Super King Fitted 183cm x 200cm x 25cm (71.3" x 78" x 9.84")

    Egyptian Cotton

    Single Flat 180cm x 275cm (70.2" x 107.2)
    Single Fitted 91cm x 191cm x 35cm (35.5" x 74.5" x 13.6")

    Double Flat 230cm x 275cm (89" x 107.2")
    Double Fitted 137 x 191cm x 35cm (53.4" x 74.4" x 13.6")

    King Flat 275cm x 275cm (107.2" x 107.3")
    King Fitted 153cm x 200cm x 35cm (59.7" x 78")

    Super King Flat 305 cm x 275cm (119" x 107")
    Super King Fitted 183cm x 200cm x 35cm (71.3" x 78" x 13.6")


    Housewife 50cm x 75cm  (19.5" x 29.3")
    Oxford 50cm x 75cm (7cm Border) (19.5 x 29.2")

    Duvet Covers

    Single 137cm x 200cm (53.4" x 78")
    Double 200cm x 200cm (78" x 78")
    King 230cm x 220cm (89.7" x 85.8")
    Super King 260cm x 220cm (101.4" x 85.8")

  • Guide to buying bedding

    By bedding, we mean sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases.There are so many bedding options available today that the choice can sometimes be confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this little guide  to explain some of the terms and the things you should look for  in order to make the right choice. There are essentially two main decisions to be made: the type of material and the thread count. The material and thread will dictate the weight, warmth, softness and quality of the bedding.

    Step 1 Choose your material

    Let’s start by looking at the type of material.  There are three main types – synthetic/man-made,  natural, and a mixture of both. 

    We stock two types – natural material (cotton) and the mixture of synthetic and cotton (polycotton). We’ll start by looking at cotton and the types of cotton bedding available.

    Why cotton? Cotton is a natural choice for bedding as it is soft, durable and breathable. There are five types of cotton: Egyptian, Sea Island, American Prima, Asiatic and American Upland - Egyptian being  the finest, and most expensive.

    Egyptian cotton is only produced from cotton plants in the Nile delta and is the most sought after type because of the softness and strength of the yarn.
    We carry a carefully selected line of Egyptian cotton bedding which we consider to be amongst the best in the marketplace. Beware of cheap ‘Egyptian cotton’ as it may well not be from Egyptian cotton plants or may well be mixed with synthetics. So always check where the cotton is from.

    Prima cotton is 100% cotton and is more readily available  than Egyptian cotton.and can be almost as soft and comfortable, depending on the quality of manufacture and the weaving process  Prima cotton  will  cost less than its Egyptian counterpart   simply  because of  the widespread availability of the cotton plants sourced from  China and the USA.

    Synthetic  fibres  which are mixed with cotton to make the Polycotton material are simply man-made  fibres ,smaller than a human hair ,which are  woven together to add strength to cotton- mixture bedding. Polycotton material tends to be slightly harder than 100% cotton and Egyptian cotton material, but again, the quality tends to depend on the brand , production and the weaving process. We stock what we feel are the best in the UK, in terms of softness and quality.

    Brushed cotton

    Whilst not a different type of cotton , brushed cotton requires some explanation . Brushed cotton means that the fabric has simply been brushed so that any excess lint balls and fibers are removed, resulting in beautifully smooth, soft sheets.
     Our brushed cotton range  is very popular all year round and once you have slept in brushed cotton bedding it’s very hard to think of going back to any other type..

    Step 2 – Thread count – does it matter?

    The thread rating essentially represents the  number of threads   per square inch.  Traditional theory and methods dictated that the higher the thread count the better quality the sheet. Modern and cheaper weaving methods make this thinking redundant. For example, some 1000 thread-count bedding  may have been produced differently to a good quality 220 thread count item.

    Saying that, good quality bedding starts at about 180 thread-count. This is known as Percale and it offers the perfect blend of softness and toughness. All of our bedding is at least 180 Percale,  but you can get good quality bedding with  a lower thread count. Linen, for example, will have  a lower thread count due to the strength of the fibre. However,  if you are buying cotton, we would recommend that you should  choose bedding with at least 180 thread count.

    The highest thread count we carry in stock is 400 thread.This high density of threads gives the bedding a softer, almost silk- like feel to its finish. We can of course order in higher thread count on request . Please drop us an email if you require assistance or would like to find out more about this type of bedding.

    So, yes, thread count does matter when buying bedding. However,, simply buying the highest thread count will not always guarantee the highest quality as we have explained. . We strive to keep the best quality bedding in  every range which is why you won’t see high thread count/low quality bedding on our site.


     Our bedding  comes in a range of natural and synthetic materials as well as thread counts.  This means that you should be able to find bedding that meets your needs and price range whilst ensuring maximum comfort.  If you need more help ,why not email us at or call us on 01883 651500 to discuss your requirements.



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